5 common winter beauty problems solved

Winter feels pleasant to many of us , everyone can enjoy some extra lazy hours of sleep as the night becomes longer and it’s the season when everyone can whoop up their evenings with an extra bowl of hot snacks or soup because we start to develop an appetite for it.

But winter also comes with a whole bunch of problems for our skin , hair and nails. It’s not like everyone will experience all of the problems but there is a fair chance that you might face at least one or two during the season. Read on for some of the common beauty issues , their issues and the easy remedies to fir them .

1.Dry face :

Our face is the first thing which comes under direct exposure to the cold , dry winds and the skin looses the ability to hold its moisture. All this accompanied with hot showers can easily deprive the skin of it’s natural oils.

You can save your skin by just applying some elementary steps to our daily skin routine. Increasing your daily intake of fats. A diet rich in walnuts ,olive oil and avocados could help you moisturise your skin from the inside .Now the next tip could feel very mainstream , but drinking tons of water could really do wonders with your skin . So never forget your daily intake of 2-3 litres of water no matter seldom you feel thirsty.

Use warm , not hot water for bath and try limiting your rinse time to 5 mins or less. When it comes to moisturising the skin from the outside, look for creams rather than lotions that are rich in lanolin, mineral oils , hyaluronic acid , etc.

Also in cases of severely dry skin moisturiser would would not reach the deepest layer until you do some light exfoliation. Try scrubbing your face twice a week , using something with a mild glycolic or lactic acid.

2. Chapped lips :

Chapped lips is one of the most frequently experienced issue during winters. Well, the skin of our lips is amongst the most delicate and thin layered areas in our body. As the temperature falls and the air gets dry , the hit the lips as they are the most exposed parts- the tightening and cracking of the skin begins. But no worries because there are plenty of remedies and precautions that could be used to rescue our lips.

We know that those lips needs just some extra hydration, which can be done by using a thin layer of lip balm to lock the moisture throughout the day. Apart from this you should focus on the ingredients of the balm which will help you choose the suitable product. Choosing the product which contains moisture blocking agents like milk fat in ghee ( clarified butter) , petrolatum or simply beeswax will help protect the lips .

The easiest way to heal the already cracked lips is to include a thick layer of borolin as a part of your night skin routine. You can also start putting on a little amount of ghee into the bellybutton in order to gain some long term soft and hydrated lips.

3. Cracked feet :

This dry season equally affects your feet the skin gets thick and brittle around the heels and develop a tendency to crack when applied pressure.

Some home remedies might prove helpful like soaking your feet in lukewarm water with half a tablespoon of Epsom salt and some refreshing rose petals for  up to 20 mins . After this the thick skin can be exfoliated using a foot scrubber or a pumice stone . Using coconut oil as a moisturiser after patting them dry , will make your feet soft and supple.

Pack your feet with a pair or cotton socks and make them bed ready. Cracked feet can be avoided by some by being a little cautious in your day to day life, such as –

  • avoiding hot showers.
  • stop use of harsh soaps.
  • wearing shoes that fits properly and support your heels.

4. Dry hands :

Dry hands are mainly associated with this season , as the air dries out and the body becomes incapable of holding moisture. And for the people who are involved in manually washing their dishes can experience severe dryness with their hands because of the harsh dish washing soaps/ liquids.

Though you can treat this issue at home using some simple steps –

If we start moisturising before there’s any sign of problem, we can save our hands. Apply any moisturiser directly to your hands. Or you can look for some hand creams rich in ingredients such as isopropyl palmitate , lanolin , jojoba oil , glycerol stearate and propylene glycol .

We should be a little bit more careful while cleansing our hands either by using a sanitizer or by washing with a soap. Remember, the alcohol based sanitizers do dry the skin, so it’s better to wash them using mild soap and lukewarm water . And moisturise them right away after patting them dry.

5. Static hair :

Similarly out hair too become dry during the winter and they become electrically charged by the heat of heavy winter wear , scarves, caps and the blankets we sleep in and causes us frizzy hair. It can be hard to control flyaway hair, but here are some basic moves which can prevent them.

  • using a moisturising shampoo.
  • oiling up your  hair.
  • Clean your hairbrushes on a regular basis.
  • let your hair dry naturally or use an ionic blow dryer.
  • Do not use plastic comb or hair brush rather use a wooden or metal comb.
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