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There are such huge numbers of cosmetics and it’s difficult to realise what you truly need and we end up purchasing a lot of cosmetics while it can be expensive. It’s not so easy to search for essentials for your makeup bag. If you’re a newbie, having the important makeup products is a good way to begin and the least overwhelming. And if you want to play safe, I would suggest watching videos or look up a few product reviews before spending. As we all have our favourite features and the main usage of any makeup product is to focus on that particular feature. So, avoid buying any beauty product that you are sure, you will never use. Buying everything would be nothing but wastage of money. Alright, let’s get started with the essential list.

1.Moisturiser: A moisturiser is one of the best things to apply on your bare skin. I practice using a moisturiser to obtain a great skin base. It helps to keep your natural membrane moisturised all day long. It can even act as a primer if we can wisely choose it.

2.Primer: Primer is optional.Because you can always use your moisturiser as a primer.Although primer makes it easy to glide on the makeup. A primer also promises the longevity of the makeup. And it must never be purchased without knowing your skin type. As for a dry skin type, opt for hydrating primes, for oily skin or the one with large pores, opt for the one with blurring effect.

3.BB cream or Foundation:

Getting the right foundation can be tricky, due to a variety of shades available in the market, still, you can always ask for help to select the perfect shade for you. Remember to always apply a concealer before applying a foundation, in case you have dark circles or other blemishes. Otherwise, the best choice is to simply apply a BB cream. A slight layer of beauty lotion cream is best for the skin imperfections without getting a thick and caky feel on your skin.

4.Eyebrow kit: well-groomed eyebrows give a defining touch to your overall look. So it can’t be skipped at all. An eyebrow kit is one of the most significant items of make up must haves. I always carry at least an eyebrow pencil with me.

5.Mascara: Mascara is my personal favourite, as it can always add depth to your eyes. It is the key element which can make your eyes stand out. Buy the one that promises a long-lasting staying power.

6.Eyeliner: Don’t forget to add eyeliner is your makeup kit box. Three shades are the must-haves, brown for daily use, beige for waterline application and black to a smouldering hot look. Have an eye for the products that glide on seamlessly.

7.Blush / cheek tints: your look is incomplete without those final strokes of blush. Especially if you wish to achieve that internet motivated, dewy pink glow on the nose and the cheeks.

8.Lipstick/Gloss: you can’t look perfect without drenching your lips in colour. Lipstick and lip gloss both are essential parts of a complete makeup set. Lipsticks come in various finishes i.e. Matte, glossy, creamy and metallic. You are free to pick the ones you like.

We would advise you to use everything in a balanced way otherwise you will end up with an ageing look.

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