What I Wear in Summer

Want to beat the heat and still feel the easy breezy way this summer? Summer is my fav season when it comes to dressing fun. I love the feel of summer fabrics and colours. Some of the fabrics can make you feel that you are not even wearing anything., And finally it gets so easy to carry it around all day. The summer season calls for a new set of clothes that are comfy, fresh and of course, stylish. So read on and be ready to inspire your wardrobe for this summer.

1.Revamp that Shirt:

Style your shirt in different ways and get a new outfit every time! Opt for an oversized white shirt this season and you will see that the options are never-ending. This oversized shirt can be styled with any shorts or a baggy Jeanne and don’t forget to belt it up around with any stylish waistband. And last but not least, always add some chunky jewellery and a pair of sunglasses to get that perfect look.

2.Maxi dress:

If you want to try your hand at one of this season’s more daring trends, consider shopping for maxi dresses. Whether a dress down occasion or a dramatic event, just with a few accessories, these dresses can be your saviour. Three things: they are easy to wear, super breezy and are always trendy as casual summer outfits.

3.Ethnic with a twist:

Ethnic and western trends fused are new for this summer. Wear a knee-length strapped Anarkali kurta as a dress and add some boho jewellery pieces to jazz up your look. To add an extra tone you can always wear a long slitted kurta and pair it with a pair of denim shorts underneath and add some cool white sneakers and sunglasses to complete the look.

  1. Bodysuits:

I love the trend of tucked in tops for that clean and smouldering look, through which you can always show-off that booty you worked so hard for in the gym. Although there is no other way to say that I’ve been head over heels about the new trend of the bodysuits. The pairing options with this piece are endless, and the sleek look you end up with is something to die for even if you don’t have that slim tummy.


The playsuits can be styled in any way and save you a lot of time in deciding an outfit. Plus there are tons of options in the playsuit itself, like off-shoulders, tube ones, mini shorts and what not. You can always add an oversized hat, a shrug or kimono and sometimes chunky jewellery to finish the look.

Rapping it up don’t forget to wear your SPF 30 mins before stepping out, no matter whichever outfit you opt for the day. I hope these summer fashion tips have helped you realise that you don’t have to be trendy to be stylish! You can always pick the colour and style for you.

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